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Introduction of the School of Mechanical Engineering


·                 The school of Mechanical Engineering develops gradually with the history evolution of Hebei University of Technology and Science, and has become one of the most important schools in this university. This school consists of the following four departments: Department of Mechanical Design Manufacture and Automation . Department of Energy and Power Engineering, Vehicle Engineering Department, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering Department, three teaching and research sections (Mechanical Fundamental, Engineering Mechanics and Engineering and Computer graphics), two experiment centers (Mechatronics Engineering, Mechanical Fundamental). The school possesses the following Province Engineering Research Centers: Hebei Province Research Center of Modern Integrated Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Hebei Province Demonstration Center of National Rapid Manufacturing Engineering Center, Hebei Province Additive Manufacturing Industry Technology Institute, Hebei Province Additive Manufacturing Center, Hebei Province Higher Education  Innovation Base of Equipment Manufacturing, and Hebei Province Mechatronics Engineering Experiment Teaching Demonstration Center. Many training base, including Hebei Province Engineering Graphics, Hebei Province CAD Research Unit, Hebei Province Manufacturing Industry informationalization (Shijiazhuang) have been set in this school.
       The school has five bachelor undergraduate specialties, including Mechanical Design Manufacture and Automation, Process Equipment and Control Engineering, Energy and Power Engineering, Vehicle Engineering and Mechanical and Electronic Engineering , and the former two specialties are provincial characteristic brand major. The school has the right to award master degree in mechanical engineering and power engineering and engineering thermophysics two first grade disciplines, and has the right to award specialty master degree in mechanical engineering field.
The Mechanical Design Manufacture and Automation specialty is the Key Discipline of Hebei Province.   

·              There are 136 teachers, 33 professors, 36 vice professors in this school. In the recent years, this school accomplished 300 research projects, got about 20 national and province awards, published 500 articles and 90 books, obtained more than 80 patents. Four courses have become the province excellent grade. 
      The school sticks to the teaching idea of standing in Hebei province and serving local economy, and pays attention to train the Innovation spirit and practice ability of school students. Many academic and scientific works got the national awards of competitions, such as Mechanical Design and Innovation Competition, Chinese school students business plan competition, National Technological Energy Saving Competition and so on. Since 2010, students gained 11 national 1th prizes, 12 national second prizes, 10 national third prizes and 106 provincial prizes. During the recent three years, 23% of the graduate students successfully become the graduate student for Master's degree, 95% of the graduate students acquired the job opportunity. The graduate students bear the properties of hardworking, strong ability of accommodation, and great composite quality.