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General manager Liu Qinghua will give us a representation

Electromechanical Manufacturing 3D digital trends and urgent requirements for integrated innovative skills of contemporary college students
Speaker: Liu Qinghua
Venue: C405 of Public Teaching Building
Speaker Profile:
VAR General Manager of Northern Region of Dassault Group SolidWorks, general manager of Guo Tai Xin An Technology Limited, senior technology consultant of electromechanical manufacturing information 3D CAD / CAE / PDM / CAPP / CAM, team members as well as project leader of major issues about national information technology during the second five project, part-time tutor of master of Hebei University of Science and Technology.  The main research directions were the manufacturing information technology design and analysis of three-dimensional simulation, data management, the main topics included three-dimensional parametric design and analysis simulation of large-scale bridge bearings, large shaker simulation studies and optimization, , integrated integration applications support.