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Academic lecture notice:Structural Dynamic Response Analysis of Large Wind Turbine under Multi-load Coupling

Speaker: Xue Zhanpu
Time: May 10th, 15:30-17:00 pm
Location: School of Mchanical Engineering A320
Brief introduction of keynote speaker:
Xue Zhanpu, Ph.D., North China Electric Power University, major: Fluid Machinery and Engineering, Research direction: Mechanical structural dynamics. He has worked in Hebei Taihang Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. (China Ordnance Industry Group) and Great Wall Motor Co., Ltd. (Baoding) and has extensive engineering practice experience. During the period of the Ph.D., the author published two SCI papers, including 1 in the 1st district, 1 in the 4 districts, 1 in the EI core journal, 1 in the international conference, 4 in the Chinese core, 2 in the authoritative journal, and 3 in the general journal. 1 invention patent and 2 utility model patentsHe has served as an external auditing expert for a Chinese core journal, and has reviewed 13 related papers; As a reviewer examine an article in the Energy paper in SCI district.