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Academic lecture: the research and development of energy recyclers based on fluid induced conduction


Speaker: Dr.& Prof. Yueh-jaw Lin

Time: October 26, 2017 2:00-3:00 p.m

Venue:the 336 of the school of mechanical engineering

Introduction to the keynote speaker:

           Prof. Yueh-jaw Lin, vice President of the university of Nottingham, ningbo.A bachelor of tsinghua university in Taiwan , doctor of mechanical engineering of Illinois at Chicago. He was head of the department of mechanical engineering at the university of Texas at Tyler. In January 2004, dean of polytechnic, Dr.& Prof.Yueh-Jaw Lin work as the dean of polytechnic university of Nottingham, ningbo, In June 2016, Lin was vice President of the university of Nottingham in ningbo.Professor Lin is a famous mechanical engineering and automation engineering experts, is the American society of mechanical engineers, electronic engineers association, the American engineering education association, the American society of manufacturing engineering (ASME, IEEE, ASEE, SME) members, is a professional journal editorial board members and the professional conference board members, also served as a technical advisor of many international companies. Professor Lin's research field of computer aided design and manufacturing, robotics, automation, intelligent materials, structural health monitoring, biological materials, application of nanometer materials, participate in the scientific research project of NASA, long-term accumulated millions of dollars.More than 100 journals and international conference papers have been published, and several papers have been awarded, and are invited to make academic presentations at more than 20 universities and research institutes.