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The Discipline of Machinery Manufacturing and Automation
The disciplinerecruited undergraduate students since 1978, for over 30 years, a large number of technical personnel and management personnel were conveyed for the province and the national machinery manufacturing industry. In 1998, machinery manufacturing and automation disciplineobtain a master's degree award authority approved by the former state education commission. The disciplinehave 11 professors, 9 associate professors, and 15 teachers have doctorate. The learning margin structure, educational structure, title structure and age of disciplinary team is reasonable, which has a good reserve force. Our school built modern integrated manufacturing engineering technology research center in Hebei Province, the country's rapid manufacturing engineering center Hebei Province demonstration center and manufacturing information training base of Hebei Province Relying on the discipline. Mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation specialty is brand features in hebei province. The equipment manufacturing education Highlands is Higher Education Innovation Heights of Hebei Province, electromechanical engineering experimental center is experimental teaching demonstration center of Hebei Province, which have four provincial quality courses, such as computer-aided design ".
           The disciplinehas gradually formed four stable research direction in the practice of the teaching and scientific research in many years: the integration and automation of manufacturing systems, rapid manufacturing technology, mechanical testing and fault diagnosis, Electromechanical Control and Robotics. 
         Research field: Digital Design and Manufacturing
        The research direction in the province took the lead in developing computer integrated manufacturing key technology research, in the Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), a series of operational plan and scheduling algorithm was proposed which is high degree of optimization, computational speed, ensuring the convergence, such as: cross-queue algorithm based on the adjustable coefficient , bi-oriented sorting algorithm the delivery date and the two sorting strategy of man-machine fusion, which have solved the complexity of the actual production job, interference sudden ,dynamic and scheduling problems.  Based on the methods and technology of ontology and object-oriented , the research direction have raised product model and its integrated knowledge model building mode based on design unit; it have achieve industry-specific products Parameter-driven design with intelligent assembly design based on domain knowledge. The research direction has completed four National 863 project, such as: "Virtual Manufacturing System Architecture Research", "CIMS Demonstration Project Overall Study of Hebei Province ". It has completed 12 provincial and ministerial-level subject, the research achievements have been awarded a second award and two third award of Hebei Science  and Technology Progress Award. 
Research field:  Additive Manufacturing 
        Using the theory and method about Rapid Prototyping, the research direction concentrates on Equipment Manufacturing, Rapid Tooling and Medical Engineering, which combines contempory manufacturing theory and the traditional manufacturing mode so as to develop the application about rapid manufacturing. In this area, major national science and technology projects——"Near net shape technology"key scientific research project of Hebei Province——"Basic research for the whole process of large-scale wind turbine blade " and "Technology and equipment for the whole process of large-scale wind turbine blade based on solidification in situ" have been completed. In cooperation with Baoding Biaozheng machineCo. Ltd. and Shijiazhuang Aircraft Manufacturing Co. Ltd., one of major national science and technology projects has been applied and developed.
Research field: Intelligent Test and Machine Vision 
        The research direction focuses on measurement path planning and anticollision design theory in intelligent measurement technology integration. It is the first time to put forward the model of "Three-point Conlinear Vision Problem", which lays the first stone for the development of portable field three Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). The difficult problem, automatic extraction of measurement information from CAD design result and identification of measured parts’ pose. Based on measuring on machine, the reverse system is establishend, a new measurement path plan method is proposed on the basis of CAD, with this method, NC manufacture enterprises can set up reverse engineering system without CMM. So far, 8 provincial or national projects have been finished, 2 provincial progress prizes in science and technology, and more than 20 papers have been indexed by 3 index system. 
        Research field: Electromechanical Control and Robotics
In this field, the main research focuses on serialization of R & D of dedicated mechanical-electrical-hydraulic integration automation equipment with complex control logic, research and design of CNC equipment functional components, special robots, and special sensors etc. It aimed at the development of a number of new technology and new equipments, and new structures and new applications of robots and sensors. In resent years, there are many research projects finished such as: "Control System of the Production of Latex Gloves", "Control System of the Production of Wipers", "Development of Automatic Detection System for Product Performance Experiments", "Electrical Control System Design of Dry Granulation Extrusion Machines", "Hydraulic Control System of Turrets", "Development of a Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer", "Development of a Automatic Positioning Drill Rig" etc. 
         Research field: Machine Dynamics Analysis and Simulation
        Mechanical dynamics analysis and simulation are mainly carried out.The research direction is the theoretical basis for the research and development of new equipment,in the light of the complex dynamic problems for high-end equipment system,carrying out research on dynamic modeling, performance test, and simulation analysis.The concept of non smooth bifurcation of nonsmooth system dynamics was first proposed in China, which was first included in the Encyclopedia of mechanics in China;The dynamic analysis of high speed foil type pneumatic bearing has made breakthrough progress, and laid a theoretical foundation for the application of national defense and other fields.