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Research Collaboration



In the recent five years, this school accomplished 300 research projects, got about 20 national and province awards, published 363 articles and 66 books, obtained more than 100 patents. Now, this school undertakes more than 10 Nation Natural Science Foundation, Equipment Manufacture Key Item, Nation 12th Plan Science and Technology research projects, and many Provincial Key projects. 
AS for collaboration with enterprises, in the last five years, many over one hundred million Technology development contracts has been signed with large-scale enterprises, Such as Shijiazhuang Hongtai Rubber Limited Company,Hebei Hongze Alwayseal Technology Limited Company,Shijiazhuang Bo Technology Limited Company and so on. Moreover it launches study, research and combining application for the project of country and province Technology Department with more than 20 enterprises. For example, Hebei Construction Engineering Group, Shijiazhuang Bo Technology Limited Company, Shijiazhuang long Rong electronic technology Limited Company, Shijiazhuang Changhong Metallurgical Equipment Valve Factory, Shijiazhuang Xiaguang Electric Power Safety Technology Limited Company, Shijiazhuang Zhengyuan tower equipment Limited Company,Shijiazhuang Jintong Machinery Limited Company.Since the implementation of "100 central enterprises into the Hebei", The cooperation agreements of technology development and joint declaration projects with the Eighteenth bureau of the Seventh Research Institute of China State Shipbuilding Corporation, Huaneng Power International Group, xi 'an Hengtong Intelligent Machine Company, Pipeline Research Center of CNPC and other central enterprises, has been signed